Thursday, 27 February 2014

MM Needle Sleeves

(copyrights: Elizabeth Pierre)
(30 min)

Needle size in millimetres is indicated on this sleeve with bobbles and eyelets: whole numbers by bobbles and quarter numbers by eyelets; the number of indicators required will determine the number of cast on stitches (meaning the width of the work; and as such, the length of the sleeve). This pattern is originally designed for four DPNs; a tighter seam or a row more (or less) may better accommodate your needs.

Based on my available scrap yarn colours, I’ve colour coded my needle sleeves to my needle sizes (My 3.0, 3.25, 3.5 &, 3.75 sleeves are blue).

Requirements: Use whatever needle sizes the needle sleeves are meant for; Darning needle; Scissors; Worsted weight in a small amount (use a lighter weight for needles smaller than 3mm and hold yarn double for needles larger than 6mm).

Gauge: is not essential for this pattern, though use of DK weight may also accommodate your needs.

B/O - Bind Off.
C/O - Cast On.
K - Knit.
K/b - Knit below. Knit into stitch below which raises and widens eyelet.
K2tog - Knit two together.
Kfbf - Knit front, back, front. Create three stitches from one.
P - Purl.        
sl1 - Slip one.
sl3L - Slip three stitches leftward.
ssK - Slip, Slip, Knit.
W/E - Weave Ends.
YO - Yarn over.

3-Stitch Bobble: worked from one stitch
1) Kfbf
2) sl3L, K3.
3) sl3L, K2tog, sl1, pass the knit stitch over.

Second Row Eyelet: YO, ssK.      
Sixth Row Eyelet: K2tog, YO.

4.50mm Needle Sleeve Instructions:
4.50mm will require four bobbles and two eyelets; the eyelets in pairs need 3 stitches, the bobbles in pairs will need 6 stitches, +2 for the left edge. C/O 11st.

1) P.
2) K2, Eyelet, K2, bobble, K2, bobble, K2.
3) P2, sl1, P2, sl1, P5.
4) K2, K/b, K8.
5) P.
6) K1, Eyelet, K2, bobble, K2, bobble, K2.
7) P2, sl1, P2, sl1, P5.
8) K2, K/b, K8.
B/O, seam long edges together. W/E.

- I used 2-strand (or 2-tail cast on). Use whatever works for you.
- To express a ½ mm the third stitch becomes the eyelets in row #2 and row #6
- To express a ¾ mm the third & sixth stitches become eyelets in row #2 and the sixth stitch becomes an eyelet in row #6.
- The eyelets are slanted opposite so they don’t render each other.
- The 3-Stitch Bobbles are the same throughout the pattern.

3.75mm Needle Sleeve Instructions:
3.75mm: three bobbles and three eyelets; eyelets 6 stitches, bobbles 6 stitches, +2 for left edge. C/O 14st.

1) P.
2) K2, Eyelet, K1, Eyelet, K2, bobble, K2, bobble, K2.
3) P2, sl1, P2, sl1, P8.
4) K2, K/b, K2, K/b, K8.
5) P.
6) K4, Eyelet, K2, bobble, K2.
7) P2, sl1, P5, K/b, P5.
8) K5, K/b, K8.
B/O, seam long edges together. W/E.

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